Unlocking the Power of Wood Ashes: Practical Uses & Surprising Benefits!

Many wood-burning fireplace owners may see their wood ashes as the messy and inconvenient consequence of operating their fireplace, however, you may not realize that these ashes can be repurposed for so many different uses! Before you toss out your wood ashes, read along to learn a few surprising ways you could reuse them!

Glass or Jewelry Cleaner

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Wood ashes have excellent cleaning properties and can be used as an extremely effective, and free, way to clean off your glass fireplace doors as well as bring back the shine to your tarnishing silver jewelry!

Pest Control

Fireplace ash is an all-natural, safer way to repel unwanted pests such as roaches and rats. Laying out lines of ash in common areas where pests may lurk is a great way to deter them from your space. 

Odor Control

Similarly, to baking soda, wood ashes have absorbent properties that can help fight against unpleasant odors. Leaving a cup or bowl in an area where an unpleasant odor is lingering will help return a fresher scent to small spaces.

Make Your Own Soap

Are you a bit of a do-it-yourselfer? Wood ashes can be great for homemade soap bars! The cleaning properties of wood ash make for a very effective soap that has been used for centuries as a natural cleanser.

Boost Your Garden Game

Ashes can be an excellent addition to the soil in your garden if used correctly. Simply sprinkle a bit of your wood ash over the layers of your soil and voila! The nutrients found in your wood ash can work wonders for the veggies growing in your home garden.

Putting Out a Fire

Ashes can be great for controlling or putting out a fire at your campsite. A camper’s motto is “always be prepared”, and that applies to your campfire safety!  Keeping a bucket of wood ashes handy during a campfire will give you a quick and easy way to kill the fire. 

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Melt Ice

For those who live in colder areas like here in New Jersey, the roads, sidewalks, and driveways can get slippery in the winter months. Ash can be used to melt or create traction on an ice-covered ground, making it safer to walk on.

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