Furnace Flue Liners Inspection & Installation

Early signs of problems with your furnace flue should be addressed without delay to avoid major issues down the line. When your furnace isn’t venting properly, a variety of serious risks can arise including a system fire and the backup of toxic combustion gases into your home.

National Chimney Service provides our customers throughout Fairfield County CT and Morris County NJ with expert furnace flue inspections and installation of strong new stainless steel chimney liners.

morris county nj flue damageSigns that Your Furnace Venting Needs Attention

Two common early signs of damage or malfunction in a furnace system are:

  • Repeated automatic shut-downs of the furnace
  • The smell of gas in the air near the furnace or in other places in the home

These and any other signs of damage need to be addressed sooner rather than later. Our crew will inspect your entire furnace flue system so we can correctly assess its condition.

If You’re New to Your Home

If you’ve fairly recently moved into your home, you probably don’t know exactly what’s been done to your furnace over the years. Is it a new furnace (i.e., one that wasn’t installed during the building of the home)? If so, has it been professionally inspected recently? If not, or if you’re in doubt, it needs to be looked at.

It’s not uncommon for a plumber, contractor, or oil company to install a new furnace without thoroughly checking the liner to which they’re connecting the new appliance.

The National Chimney Service crew is made up of furnace and chimney venting technicians who understand the many critical elements of flue venting. One of the most critical is that the flue vent capacity is correct for the output of the appliance.

We find this problem more often than you might imagine in our customers’ homes in Stamford CT, Morristown NJ, Norwalk CT, Chester NJ, and neighboring communities. Just because a worker or company can perform a furnace installation doesn’t mean they’re experts in the venting physics of that appliance.

If the furnace in your home is a newer “high-efficiency” model, specific venting is required to reduce moisture and condensation. If your furnace is being vented through your fireplace chimney, extra care must be taken when connecting the two systems and maintaining them.

fairfield county ct chimney linerStainless Steel Furnace Flue Liners

We often can make minor repairs to simple damage in furnace flues, but when the damage is severe or the sizing is incorrect, we always recommend strong new 316 UL Listed stainless steel liners.

These components will give you many years of optimal service (they come with a lifetime warranty) and will allow your furnace to perform at its best and in a safe manner, provided the liner is the correct size for the appliance. When we perform the installation, it will be.

For more than 20 years, Morris County and Fairfield County homeowners have trusted National Chimney Service to repair, inspect, maintain and clean their furnace & chimney venting systems.

Know the condition of your furnace flue liner and make sure it’s safe. In New Jersey call (973) 270-9295 or in Connecticut call (203) 614-9765 today to speak with one of our furnace flue experts. We’re on call year-round to help with any venting or drafting issues you encounter.


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