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Chimney crowns are concrete structures at the top of masonry chimneys that guard the inside of the chimney and help to protect the bricks below the crown from water. A damaged chimney crown can lead to very serious problems if not repaired, costing you more money in the long run.

Crown Repair Rockaway, NJHow Chimney Crowns Get Damaged

While concrete is strong, there are a variety of events that can cause it to crack such as:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Incessant pounding hail
  • Season after season of extreme temperatures
  • Earthquakes
  • Plain old age

What Happens When a Crown Is Cracked

A cracked chimney crown will allow rain and melting snow to run into the interior areas of the chimney. When this happens, both the chimney masonry and adjacent building materials of the home can be affected by theschimney leaks.

Another concern with water moving into dark, out-of-the-way places is mold growth. Mold thrives in unventilated areas that remain cool and damp for extended periods. Some mold is harmless. Other kinds are potentially hazardous. You don’t want any of it in or near your home.

When a chimney crown is decayed or broken, water also can seep down into the topmost bricks of the chimney just beneath the crown. Bricks are much more susceptible to water damage than concrete, so this is a scenario you want to avoid with a chimney crown repair.

How We Repair Chimney Crowns

We start with an inspection to learn why the crown got damaged and how extensive the damage is. For minor to moderate cracking, we always have outstanding results with a product from ChimneySaver called CrownSeal.

CrownSeal is a coating that forms a flexible, waterproof membrane that absolutely keeps any more water from getting into damaged areas. Applied with a trowel, CrownSeal provides a permanent solution, requires no bonding agent, looks natural and carries a 10-year warranty.

Like all ChimneySaver products, CrownSeal is sold only to licensed chimney professionals, who are the only individuals qualified to apply it correctly and safely.

Severely Damaged Crowns

When a chimney crown is severely damaged from years of neglect or a major event such as a lightning strike or earthquake, our crew can fully rebuild the crown so it’s like new again.

We bring many years of concrete and chimney masonry repair experience to every job and know how to build crowns the right way. When seeking chimney repair service for your chimney crown or any other part of your chimney, always use a licensed, insured chimney company – never a handyman or general home-repair person.

Greenwich, CT Chimney Crown RepairKeep up with Your Chimney Crown and other Components with Annual Chimney Inspections

By having us inspect your chimney system annually, you’ll stay on top of early signs of problems and get them repaired quickly and at the least cost to you.

Inspections coupled with annual chimney sweeping (cleaning) to remove flammable creosote are the best way to ensure that your chimney system works safely and efficiently all year long.

National Chimney Service provides chimney crown repair, all other chimney repairs, chimney inspections and chimney cleaning throughout Fairfield CT,  Rockaway NJ, and other cities and towns in Southwest CT and Northeast NJ.

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Use an Experienced, Established Chimney Sweep Company!

Don’t take chances with uninsured, novice, roofers, unregistered business, no workman’s comp.
Our pros have to know what they’re doing when they put their heads up a chimney and to do that, chimney sweeps obtain specialized training and have years of experience in the field.