Chimney Repairs

A lot can go wrong with a chimney – much of it you can’t even see and won’t know about until the issue has become serious. Before you reach this point, National Chimney Service can perform a thorough inspection, isolate the problem and make the needed chimney repairs.

Chimney tuckpointing repair norwalk ct

Chimney Brick Repair

When bricks are cracked or loose, they open up a path for water from rain and snow to move in and cause a leaky chimney.

Our technicians will inspect your chimney’s masonry and replace bricks that are no longer strong and sound. When we’re done, your chimney will look and operate as good as new.

Chimney Cap install in Rockaway NJ

Chimney Cap Repair

Chimney caps can become damaged and unfit due to rust, lightning strikes, destructive hail, extreme temperatures, and plain old age.

National Chimney Service provides chimney cap repair for minor damage. In most cases, we recommend installing a new full-width custom chimney cap to keep water out of the flue and away from the concrete chimney crown.

Chimney Crown repair in Jefferson NJ

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney crowns are prone to cracking from various causes including some of those listed above. When the crown starts to crack and erode, incoming water can move into the chimney system and do a lot of structural damage.

Our crew uses a product called CrownSeal to add a powerful layer of protection to chimney crowns that aren’t severely damaged. When severe damage is present, we can completely rebuild the crown.

Chimney Flashing repair in Stamford CT

Chimney Flashing Repair

The flashing that seals the gap between your exterior chimney and the roof is a critical component. When flashing is warped or rusted out, water can easily stream down into the home, creating rot and mold issues.

Sometimes flashing can be reaffixed and straightened out; in other cases, new flashing needs to be installed by experts who will do it right the first time.

Chimney Chase Top Cover Norwalk CT

Chimney Chase Cover Repair

Chase covers that sit on top of prefab chimneys often are made of galvanized steel and therefore are prone to rust. As with a compromise in any of your chimney’s protective components, rain and snow can move past the damaged area(s) in the chase cover and into the chimney system.

We can repair minor chase cover damage. In cases of severe rust, we recommend installing a new chimney chase cover.

Fairfield CT Chimney Tuckpointing Mortar Repair

Tuckpointing Mortar Repair

The mortar that holds your chimney’s bricks together may begin to crumble and decay at one point in its lifespan. When this happens, the structural integrity of the chimney is threatened, and intruding water will cause more and more damage.

Tuckpointing is a process in which we scrape out deteriorated sections of mortar and replace them with a strong new compound. This is the best way to restore strength to your chimney.

Chimney Inspection in Greenwich CT

The Value of Annual Chimney Inspections & Cleaning

You can make sure your chimney is safe and fully operational by scheduling a chimney inspection and cleaning once a year. Our chimney inspectors can spot early signs of damage throughout the system and get it resolved before it becomes a complicated and expensive project.

Annual chimney sweeping removes built up creosote from your flue, reducing the chance and severity of chimney fires, which can cause varying levels of structural damage. A clean chimney is a safe and long-lasting chimney.

National Chimney Service repairs chimneys throughout Bridgeport CT, Jefferson NJ, Stamford CT, Morristown NJ, and other communities in Fairfield County CT, and Morris County NJ. Call us today at in Morris County, NJ (973) 270-9295 and Fairfield County, CT at (203) 614-9765.


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