Remove Leaves & Limbs Near Your Chimney

Everyone is busy all the time, and it’s easy to ignore some necessary household chores. For many homeowners, the chimney is out of sight and out of mind, but failing to keep it well-maintained can impact its performance and your safety.

Now that the leaves are turning, and winter is on the horizon, it’s a good time to look at your chimney to see if there are any issues that you need to fix. One issue to be aware of is chimney obstructions, particularly, leaves and tree limbs.

Chimney Services Stamford, CTDangers Of Leaves & Tree Limbs

You may not think that leaves and branches can be as troublesome as they are, but they create hazards that can impact your safety and damage your property.

Here are the most common problems that leaves and tree limbs cause.


If leaves and branches fall into the chimney and become impacted, they create a blockage that prevents smoke and carcinogens from exiting. When smoke and gas can’t vent correctly, they back up into the house and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Furthermore, blockages prevent proper venting, which can impact how well your fire performs. If your chimney is significantly blocked, keeping your fire lit can be a challenge.

Chimney Damage

If you have large trees surrounding your chimney, a heavy branch can fall onto the roof, damaging shingles or the chimney. A damaged chimney is a safety and performance issue that needs fixing as soon as possible.


One issue many people don’t consider with overgrown trees around the chimney are the possibility of animals getting in. Trees that overhang the roof and chimney provide animals easy access to get into your flue and set up their home. Moreover, in the spring, overgrown tree limbs provide insects a place to swarm, and they can easily get into your house through the chimney.

Drafting Problems

Finally, if leaves or tree branches fall into the chimney, it can cause drafting difficulties. If the chimney can’t properly draft, the smoke and gas can’t exit the house, which creates a safety issue.

Chimney Cleaning Morris County, NJSchedule Chimney Maintenance In Fall

With winter’s impending arrival, you probably can’t wait to start that first fire of the season. However, it’s wise to call a professional chimney sweep and book an appointment for chimney cleaning and maintenance. Fall is the best time to do this because many homeowners wait until the last minute when chimney service companies are fully booked, making it difficult to get service when they need it.

Fall is also the perfect time to schedule chimney service because if you find any minor damage or issues that can impact your fireplace and chimney safety, you have ample time to rectify it before starting that first fire of the season. Finally, taking care of your chimney in the fall by scheduling a thorough cleaning, ensures that your system is safe to use for the entire season.

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