Can You Install a Gas Fireplace Yourself?

Skilled do-it-yourselfers can manage complex home installation projects on their own, but no is the only honest answer to can you install a gas fireplace yourself? For several compelling reasons, at least, it is not advisable to install a gas fireplace yourself. Details follow.

Fireplace installation in Jefferson, NJState & Local Regulations

Ordinances regarding the installation of gas line work vary according to city, county, and state. The different regulations encompass gas fireplace installation. Want to know the best way to save time on checking these regulations while avoiding potential legal issues? It is to schedule professional gas fireplace installation with your trusted chimney sweep company. In our service areas in Connecticut and New Jersey, National Chimney Service is the place to call for the installation of a gas fireplace. We stay up-to-date on the gas fireplace installation building codes that apply to the communities we serve.

Considerations of Safety and Efficiency

There are various parameters that may be involved with the installation of your new gas fireplace. Potential risks are involved whether you are converting an existing fireplace to a gas appliance, installing a new standalone gas fireplace, or adding a gas fireplace insert or gas log set. Chimney sizing and proper clearance from combustible materials are among the factors that can affect home safety and/or the efficiency of the appliance.

What could go wrong, as an example? The wrong fit between the chimney flue size and the appliance can result in a poor draft and toxic fumes entering your home, including potentially deadly carbon monoxide.

What about potential dangers associated with gas? Among the possible problems is the possibility of an explosion from a gas leak, a fire hazard from a gas flame, or complications due to improper pressure. These issues can also apply to gas log installation.

With the help of the certified chimney sweeps at National Chimney Service, you can be confident that all legal, safety, and efficiency requirements have been fulfilled during gas fireplace installation in your home or business.

Pros and Cons of the Two Types of Gas Fuel

Natural gas for your gas fireplace taps into buried gas lines. An external tank outside your home is required to use liquid propane. Natural gas and liquid propane each have their pros and cons.

Natural gas offers greater convenience and economy than propane. Natural gas also burns cleaner, making it better for the environment. Fuel is always on and accessible with ongoing monthly payments. For grilling, however, accessing natural gas can be both challenging and expensive.

Propane not only costs more but also uses more carbon. Propane is considered environmentally friendly, however, because it contains no lead and has low GHG emissions. An important benefit of liquid propane is that it burns almost three times hotter than natural gas. If you like to grill, propane is good to have since the gas is accessible without great expense or hassle. Propane grills tend to be less expensive than the alternative, as an added plus.

Gas Fireplace Services Greenwich, CTThe chimney sweeps at National Chimney Service recognize that it might be easy for you to install a gas fireplace yourself, but we can make it effortless for you to safely begin using your gas fireplace with no worries about safety, potential legal issues, or whether you are enjoying maximum efficiency with your new appliance. Contact us for annual chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, masonry repair, flue liner replacement, chimney crown repair, chimney cap installation, and more. Reach out to us today using our contact form, or call one of the numbers below:

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