Is Your Chimney Crown Cracked Or Damaged?

Your chimney crown is designed to protect your chimney and masonry from water damage. If your chimney crown is cracked it can allow more moisture to penetrate the structure and through the freezing and thawing cycles of winter, the damage can become more severe. 

In this blog we will discuss the importance of a properly built chimney crown, checking your crown for signs of damage and chimney leaks, and the solutions available for a cracked crown.

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The Importance of Your Chimney Crown

Water is commonly known as your chimneys worst enemy and many of the components of your chimney are specifically designs to deter moisture and prevent damage. Your chimney crown’s job is to guard the top of the chimney and guide rainfall away from the masonry below.

A properly built chimney crown should have a slope and extend slightly out past the masonry in order to form a sort of shelf that allows the water to run off of the chimney and away from your brick-and-mortar. 

If your crown is not properly constructed it can allow water to pool or drip leading to damage in the masonry and in the crown itself.

Signs of a Cracked or Damaged Crown

The best way to check the state of your chimney crown is through a chimney inspection which is recommended annually to ensure that the entire chimney is in tip-top shape. During this inspection, a professional will be able to access the crown along with other chimney components and spot any damage that needs attention.

Some signs you can watch for yourself include common signs of chimney leaks such as a rusted firebox or damper, broken flue tiles, water damage in the areas surrounding your chimney, and deteriorating bricks or mortar joints. While these signs are not a guarantee of a damaged crown, they can be a likely indicator and should be followed up by an inspection. 

Solutions for a Damaged Chimney Crown

The repairs needed to fix a damaged or cracked chimney crown will vary depending on the extent of the damage present. One solution for minimal damage includes waterproofing while more severe damage may require a crown repair or rebuild. Schedule an inspection and repair as soon as possible to save your chimney from further damage down the line.

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