Make Chimney Inspection a Priority When Buying or Selling a Home

When buying or selling a home with a fireplace, remember that home inspectors aren’t required to inspect chimneys. Be sure that you make chimney inspection a priority when buying or selling a home. A level 2 chimney inspection is required in this type of transaction. Below, learn why it benefits you to hire a licensed, certified chimney sweep to perform a level 2 chimney inspection when buying or selling a home.

Certified Professional Chimney Inspections in Chester NJWhat the Home Inspector Doesn’t Do

You may be familiar with the checklist a home inspector uses to determine the true condition of a home. It’s a very detailed checklist! But did you know that the safety and operational soundness of a fireplace and chimney system aren’t included? The following are among the things home inspectors don’t do:

  • Inspect the chimney flue
  • Visually check the interior of the chimney
  • Check to see if a gas fireplace ignites or extinguishes fires
  • Check pellet stoves or fireplaces, which are automatic fuel-fed devices
  • Assess the need to hire a chimney sweep
  • Check heat-distribution parts

What is a Level 2 Chimney Inspection?

There are 3 levels or types of chimney inspections, which are defined by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). What sets a level 2 inspection apart is that internal camera equipment is used to look at the chimney flue from top to bottom. This is important because if a chimney flue has even so much as a tiny crack in it, it would be dangerous and possibly life-threatening to use it. Chimney liner replacement or repair will be needed before using the heating appliance again.

When is a Level 2 Inspection Required?

When you make chimney inspection a priority when buying or selling a home, know that the level 2 inspection is what’s required. Not only are they required in real estate transactions, but level 2 inspections are needed in the following circumstances:

  • There has been a change in the fuel type used by the appliance (i.e., from wood to gas)
  • There has been a chimney fire or another type of malfunction
  • An outside incident may have caused damage to the chimney, such as a natural disaster
  • A structural change has been made to the fireplace or chimney
  • The chimney has been relined
  • Other alterations have been made to the flue’s construction or design
  • Any other changes have been made to the fireplace or chimney system

Benefits of Level 2 Chimney Inspections

Before you can finalize the sale or purchase of a home, it is crucial to schedule a level 2 chimney inspection. By making chimney inspection a priority when buying or selling a home, you will secure your investment, protect your family, avoid costly and unexpected repairs, and avoid possible legal issues.

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