Chimney Services in Madison NJ

If you’re in or around Madison, NJ, National Chimney Cleaners can solve any and all chimney needs that you may encounter. Chimney sweeps, repairs, and annual inspections are expertly handled by our team. We pride ourselves on high quality work from our talented team. We serve neighboring towns as well, such as Summit, NJ, Florian Park, NJ, Morristown, NJ, Harding Township, NJ, or Chatham Township, NJ. 

Chimney repairs, cleanings, sweeps and inspections in in Madison NJ

Just like any major fixture in your home, your chimney requires regular upkeep as well as repair services as needed. This may include more than expected, but National Chimney Cleaners can assist with any of your needs. Highlighted below are some of the most popular services we provide homeowners in and around Madison, NJ. 

Chimney Sweep

The National Fire Protection Association highly recommends homeowners to have chimney sweeps and cleanings once a year. The more fires you have, the more creosote builds up. Creosote is a byproduct of fires that has a tar-like consistency and strong smell. It becomes flammable and dangerous if neglected so it’s important to keep up with a regular cleaning schedule.

Chimney Inspection

Along with regular cleanings, regular inspections are important as well. Inspections can catch issues early which can potentially lower future repair costs. Oftentimes, inspections and sweeps will occur in the same appointment since they’re required to look at the whole chimney and clean the whole chimney. 

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Furnace Flue Cleaning & Inspection

Just like chimney components, furnace flues require regular care and maintenance. Not only can regular servicing keep it clean and functional, it can also maintain safe conditions at your home. Inspections can catch any issues present early. Our team can provide a plan to solve the issue as soon as possible to minimize further damage. 

Chimney Repairs (Rebuilding, Masonry, Crowns, Liners)

Since chimneys are subject to the weather, they experience extremes in the northeast. Heavy snow and sleet can do a number on your chimney, as can heavy rain and wind. Unfortunately, sometimes those conditions can contribute to damage to your chimney. At National Chimney Cleaners, we provide chimney rebuilding if needed, as well as replacement of crowns or liners. Occasionally, masonry may need replacing which we can also assist with. 

Caps & Covers

Chimney caps and covers are important protective covering pieces at the very top of your chimney. Typically, they are made of steel or copper and take on a mesh-like consistency. These can help keep out rain, downdrafts, animals, and debris. They can also help prevent causing a roof fire from a stray spark.

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We also service surrounding towns such as Summit, NJ, Florian Park, NJ, Morristown, NJ, Harding Township, NJ, and Chatham Township, NJ.


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