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When Norwalk, Connecticut, homeowners’ chimneys aren’t working right, they call National Chimney Service first. We’re a locally licensed, family-owned company with more than 20 years’ experience helping our customers keep their chimneys clean, safe and fully operational.

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Chimney Sweep/Chimney Cleaning Norwalk

Annual chimney sweeping is one of the most important maintenance tasks that can be performed for your chimney. Chimney cleaning by our trained technicians removes flammable creosote from your flue. Creosote is the #1 cause of chimney fires throughout the Norwalk CT area.

Morristown NJ Chimney Cleaning

Our chimney sweeps also remove drafting obstructions such as leaves, twigs and falling fruit from nearby trees as well as other debris, such as the nesting material of small animals and the animals themselves – living or dead.

These obstructions can cause chimneys to draft sluggishly and send smoke and carbon monoxide into your living spaces. Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas that’s potentially fatal to humans and animals when inhaled.

Chimney Inspection

If it’s been more than a year since your last proper chimney inspection, now is a good time to schedule one. We’ll look over your chimney/fireplace system and spot early signs of wear, damage or malfunction so you can get them fixed .

Putting off chimney inspections is like putting off regularly needed service for your automobile: the longer you wait, the greater the chance of serious problems occurring. Avoid problems by having your chimney inspected once a year and following any damaging events such as a chimney fire, lightning strike or major hail storm.

Norwalk CT Chimney Repairs

A lot can go wrong with a chimney and its components. Fortunately, the National Chimney Service crew has the years of hands-on experience necessary to resolve every problem

We provide expert chimney repair work that includes:

  • Chimney crown repair and rebuilding
  • Chimney cap repair and replacement
  • Masonry brick repair and replacement
  • Tuckpointing to replace missing sections of mortar
  • Chimney liner repair and new stainless steel liner installation
  • Chimney flashing repair and replacement
  • Firebox repair
  • Chimney chase top repair and installation
  • Fireplace damper repair and installation
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Smoke shelf repair

chimney crown repair in Norwalk CTCommon Chimney & Fireplace Problems

When your chimney or fireplace isn’t working as it should, we’re here to find out why and solve the problem. Common chimney and fireplace problems we address for our Norwalk CT customers include:

  • Smoke backing up into the house
  • Strong musty odors coming from your firebox, the attic or crawl spaces
  • Chimney that leans to one side
  • Clicking, tapping or rumbling sounds coming from your fireplace (could be a chimney fire)
  • Fires burn incompletely/won’t stay lit
  • Chimney leak signs such as dampness on walls and the ceiling near the fireplace/chimney
  • Deteriorated bricks and mortar


Chimney & Furnace Liners

We provide expert cleaning, repair and replacement of chimney liners and furnace flue liners. Cleaning is important for both types of liners, particularly those that vent wood fireplaces as they collect flammable creosote. But furnace liners can accumulate particulate matter that over time will impede drafting and damage the system, so they need regular service.

Morristown NJ Chimney Flue Cleaning

Damaged liners can sometimes be repaired. When damage is severe, we recommend having a strong new stainless steel flue liner installed.

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