Chimney Sweep, Repair, & Inspection In Parsippany / Troy Hills NJ

National Chimney Cleaners of Parsippany / Troy Hills NJ, provides all the services you need to keep your chimney safe and in great shape. Take a look at how we can help you.

Troy Hills NJ chimney repair

Are You Experiencing These Common Chimney Problems?

chimney repair in Parsippany NJA well-built chimney will give you many years of excellent service in your Parsippany / Troy Hills home. However, no chimney can keep working right without proper attention. Common chimney problems might include:

  • Smoke backing up into the house
  • Loose bricks / crumbling mortar
  • Carbon monoxide alarms going off
  • Excess flammable creosote inside the flue
  • Bird nests, leaves and other obstructions in the flue
  • Rusted / damaged fireplace damper, chimney cap or chimney flashing
  • Chimney leaning to one side
  • White stains on masonry (water intrusion); dark stains on masonry (possible chimney fire)
  • Chimney leaks

These are just some of the problems our crew will investigate and solve for you. Solutions begin with an inspection.

Chimney Inspections Parsippany / Troy Hills

Before any repair work, we want to do a thorough chimney inspection to determine exactly what’s happening, the cause of the problem and the extent of the damage.

National Chimney Cleaners provides inspections as set forth by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). We perform regular annual safety inspections, inspections following chimney fires and other damaging events, real estate inspections and emergency inspections year-round.

chimney sweep in Troy Hills NJ

Chimney Sweeping / Chimney Cleaning

One of the most important things you can do for your chimney is to have it professionally cleaned once a year. Over time, creosote builds up every time you use your fireplace and clings to the walls of your chimney liner. This substance causes most of the chimney fires in the Parsippany / Troy Hills area each year.

To properly remove creosote, our team uses a variety of industry-grade tools such as:

  • Stainless steel and flat wire chimney cleaning brushes
  • Chimney sweeping whips and cleaning rods
  • Cable deglazer whips
  • Hand scrubbers
  • Cleaning solutions
  • Commercial vacuums

We also clean out leaves, twigs, the nests of small animals, deceased animals and other obstructions that could cause smoke and deadly carbon monoxide to back up into your home.

Chimney Repair & Rebuilding

Having your chimney and its components repaired when problems arise is a great safety step for your Parsippany / Troy Hills home. Put more than two decades of hands-on experience to work for you to keep your chimney running at peak efficiency.

  • Chimney masonry repair – brick replacement, tuckpointing, waterproofing
  • Chimney cap repair & replacement
  • Chimney crown repair & rebuilding
  • Flue liner repair & installation (see below)
  • Chimney flashing repair & replacement
  • Leaky chimney repair
  • Smoke chamber parging & smoke shelf repair
  • Firebox repair
  • Resolution of drafting issues
  • Partial & complete chimney rebuilding / restoration
  • and all other repair services

chimney liner repair in Parsippany / Troy Hills NJChimney Flue & Furnace Flue Liners

We repair all types of damaged chimney flue liners and install new, strong stainless steel liners for our Parsippany / Troy Hills customers. A damaged flue liner can lead to smoke escaping into the home and possibly a house fire.

Furnace flue liners also need periodic attention that includes inspections, cleaning and repairs. Particulate matter can build up in these components and, like with an obstructed chimney flue, send toxic gases into parts of your home.

Take Care of Your Chimney

National Chimney Cleaners is here to help you take care of your chimney and keep it safe and in great shape. We serve Parsippany / Troy Hills NJ, Morristown NJ, Chester NJ, Dover NJ, Rockaway NJ, Jefferson NJ, and all other communities in Morris County, New Jersey. Speak with a chimney expert today at (973) 270-9295.


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