A Fireplace Insert May Be Perfect for You

As beautiful as traditional masonry fireplaces are, they’re known to be highly inefficient and cost a lot of money to use and maintain. If you’re tired of trying to get heat out of a masonry fireplace or are just wanting to up your home-heating efficiency overall, you should consider a new fireplace insert.

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National Chimney Cleaners of Fairfield County, CT, and Morris County, NJ, would like to share some of the advantages of using a modern gas or wood fireplace insert versus a traditional masonry fireplace.

What is a fireplace insert?

As the name implies, a fireplace insert is a pre-built firebox that’s designed to be inserted into the existing firebox of a masonry fireplace. It’s like a self-contained fireplace in a box that will give you years of top performance when installed and set up correctly.

What are the differences between inserts and masonry fireplaces? Let’s look at a few of them.


Gas and wood fireplace inserts operate on a “closed-combustion system,” which means they conserve heat and burn more efficiently than the standard open design common to masonry fireplaces.

In fact, masonry fireplaces lose up to 95% of the heat they produce. Conversely, fireplace inserts retain as much as 85% of their heat and make it available for your room. If better heating is what you’re after, a fireplace insert is your very best option.

Lowered emissions

For the environmentally conscious, modern fireplace inserts make good sense. Studies have shown that with wood-burning inserts, emissions are reduced to close to zero, creating a much smaller environmental “footprint.” Both wood and gas inserts comply with strict EPA burn and emissions guidelines.

Reduced energy costs

Along with using fuel more efficiently, wood and gas inserts can be completely sealed off with handsome glass doors to stop the exchange of air between your room and the outside. This means more heat stays in your home, and you spend less money to keep it warm and cozy.

Bypass remodeling expense

With a fireplace insert, you won’t need to renovate a part of a wall in your home or build a chimney. The insert fits into your existing masonry firebox and uses the chimney that’s already in place.

Fireplace insert installation

While inserts are seemingly simple appliances that require nothing more than being fitted into an open firebox, they must be installed correctly for safety and top performance.

Key installation points:

  • The technician will ensure that the size of the flue liner in the existing chimney is appropriate for the new insert. Sizing must be correct to allow for efficient and safe drafting.
  • For gas inserts, the technician will connect with existing gas lines or run new ones. Inserts can operate on natural gas or propane.
  • Manufacturer’s installation guidelines have to be followed when installing any type of supplemental heating appliance. Trained fireplace technicians understand these guidelines and know how to follow them.
  • The installation of appliances that create flames is governed by a variety of state and local codes. These codes must be followed to the letter to prevent dangerous operating conditions and avoid substantial fines from your local building department.

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Is it time for a new fireplace insert?

If it sounds like a new gas or wood fireplace insert is the right choice for your home, contact the fireplace experts at National Chimney Cleaners. We’ll help you select the perfect new insert and then install it for you correctly.

Reach us in Fairfield County, Connecticut, or Morris County, New Jersey, by calling (800) 631-6177. You can also get in touch with our handy contact form.


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