Fireplace Spruce-Up Ideas for Fall

Before you start using your fireplace regularly, it’s a good time to engage in some fireplace upgrades and beautification projects. Spicing up your fireplace for fall is easy when you use some of our ideas and come up with more ideas on your own. National Chimney Cleaners of Fairfield County, CT, and Morris County, NJ, would like to share a few fall fireplace spruce-up tips.

Chimney and Fireplace Services Morristown, NJTip #1: Fireplace mantel

If you don’t have a mantel above your fireplace, you might be surprised by how much it can add charm to your hearth area. If you do have a mantel, use it as a center point for fall decorations.

Popular themes include Halloween, fall harvest vegetables such as squash and pumpkins, colored leaves and any items in natural, earthy colors. Get creative and see what you can come up with.

Tip #2: Andirons

Andirons (known commonly as fireplace racks) are made to hold wood logs when the fireplace is in use. These attractive additions bring a touch of elegance to the fireplace and are simple to add, no matter what kind of wood fireplace you have.


Another advantage to using andirons is that they keep your wood up off the floor of the firebox so that more air can circulate through the log stack. This produces a more vibrant and efficient fire.

Tip #3: Firebacks

Firebacks are heavy cast iron slabs designed to be placed at the rear of your wood or gas fireplace. They come in attractive styles and will give your firebox a more “finished” appearance.

Along with good looks, firebacks absorb and retain heat, which can be used for heat in your room.

Tip #4: Fireplace tools

A fireplace tool set is handy for tending fires; it can also be a classy addition to your hearth’s visual allure.

Tool sets commonly include a poker, a shovel, a brush and tongs, all in a fancy little stand. Gold and black are popular colors for fireplace tools.

Tip #5: Raised hearth

A good hearth contractor can build you a beautiful raised hearth to showcase your fireplace and be a perfect place for tool sets, log holders, seasonal plants, baskets and other items.

If your fireplace area looks drab, talk with a hearth builder or mason about a raised hearth in brick, stone or a similar material.

Tip #6: Fireplace surround

Another way to transform a drab-looking hearth area is with a stunning fireplace surround. Surrounds, as the name implies, are installed on the wall around the fireplace, extending as far in any of the three directions as you like.

Ready-to-install fireplace surrounds can be bought in a range of design styles with many exciting features. You can also have a custom surround built from materials such as granite, stone, wood and marble.

Chimney Cleaning Stamford, CTTwo final fall fireplace (and chimney) tips

Now that you have some ideas for fall fireplace spruce-ups, remember two critical fireplace maintenance tasks that should be done before winter:

  1. Have a licensed chimney inspector look over your entire chimney and fireplace system and get necessary safety and performance repairs completed before the cold weather sets in.
  2. Have your chimney swept by a professional chimney sweep to remove flammable creosote and other obstructions.

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