Benefits of Professional Fireplace Installations

The pride a homeowner feels by completing their own home DIY project is, well, indescribable. On the opposite end of that are the frustrations and headaches that emerge when that simple task turns into a money pit. Before you know it, you’ve run into a “Never Ending Story” of problems, and no we’re not referring to the classic 1980s movie. Instead, it’s a constant barrage of investigating, trying to fix, investigating some more, troubleshooting, and so on. Undertaking and completing projects around them at home when you are experienced is one thing. But for most homeowners, leaving the job to the pros is the way to go. Read ahead for 3 reasons why you should hire a professional for your fireplace installation.

Fireplace Installation Service in Rockaway NJSafety first

Any time you are adding something to your home, you need to be aware of government regulations. Often, there will be building codes and potential permits involved. While you can research these on your own, the best course of action is to hire a professional. Since your fireplace installation is something the National Chimney Cleaners team does day in and day out, your technician will be well-versed in dealing with the necessary red tape that’s involved.

Simply put, when it comes to an area that will see high temperatures, flames, and smoke, a safe and professional installation is an absolute necessity.

Size considerations

Beyond safety, hiring a professional for your fireplace installation has additional benefits. The second on our list is size.

Maybe you already have an existing fireplace space. If so, it may seem like all that’s needed is to put a new one in and be done with it. However, this would be dangerous. There are many considerations with a fireplace installation, and a CSIA-professional technician will know how to make sure the new fireplace and existing space match. Likewise, they can assist you in determining what hookups you have available regarding which fireplace option you choose.

Infrastructure isn’t just for roads

Certain elements are needed for a proper fireplace installation, and these will affect how you use this new fixture in your home.

For example, if you want to burn wood but would like to improve safety, you’ll need doors on it to prevent accidental embers from entering your living room. On the other hand, if you want a gas fireplace, you’ll need to have access to a utility hookup. In addition, you’ll need the proper type of insert for your home.

Finally, in the case of both electric fireplaces as well as traditional fireplaces with powered elements, you’ll need to tap into your home’s power supply. In these cases, an electric hookup is needed to run the pilot lights and blowers of your fireplace installation.

Safe Fireplace Installation in Stamford CTWe’re the professionals you’re looking for

When it’s time for an upgrade or new fireplace installation, you need the experts on your side. That’s why you should always turn to the team at National Chimney Cleaners for any type of work of this nature. We can handle installing new fireplaces, routine chimney cleanings, and can answer questions you may have.

Ready to get started? Then give the team at National Chimney Cleaners a call at 800-631-6177 or click here to send us a request for a callback.


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