Reduce Your Heating Bill, Increase Comfort

Winter is coming! Hopefully, you’ll forgive the cliche (and perhaps dated) Game of Thrones reference. Our point was simply to point out the obvious: cold weather is already here, and even colder weather is right around the corner. While we all like to stay warm during these months, we also like to save money where we can. These are our tips to help you reduce your heating bill and increase your comfort this year.

Home Heating this Winter, Stamford CTLayer up as appropriate

When out in the elements, we tend to layer up to stay warm. At home, you can do the same by wearing a pair of sweatpants vs shorts or long-sleeved shirts instead of sleeveless ones.

This is will help slightly, so now let’s look at some more energy-focused options.

Buy a rug or two

Do you have hardwood floors? Then you know how cold they can feel when you wake up in the morning. While wearing house slippers help, another option is to purchase area rugs for your main rooms.

These can help keep your feet warm and reduce the overall sense of cold within a room.


Switch the direction of your fans

Next is a well-known yet often overlooked tip: switch the directions of your overhead fans. You want them to turn clockwise in the winter, which will blow hot air (which tends to rise) back down into your living areas.

Caulk your doorframes and windows

Before it gets too cold, you should spend some time caulking doorframes and windows. You would be surprised at the amount of heat you lose through improperly sealed exits. A little bit of caulk can go a long way in helping to reduce your heating bill while also increasing your comfort.

Use zone-based heating

Have you ever heard of zone-based heating? This is a method that directs heat primarily to the main rooms where your family spends most of their time. There are several models, and your National Chimney Cleaners technician can help you figure out the best method here. Nevertheless, closing off rooms that won’t be in use this season can make a noticeable difference in your overall heating costs.

Use your fireplace and furnace together

Another obvious tip is to use your fireplace while also using your furnace. These two components can work together to keep a cozy, comfortable feeling in your room — with your fireplace taking some of the load off of your HVAC system.

Gas fireplace installation in Morristown NJConsider switching to a gas insert

While your wood-burning fireplace is a great way to maximize your energy efficiency, another option is to permanently switch to a gas-burning option. An insert can quickly convert your existing fireplace to a gas option, which provides you with the ability to have more consistent temperatures in your home.

Reduce your heating bill with our help

Regardless of your current home heating setup, sometimes it simply helps to speak with the chimney sweeping professionals.

Our team can help you do an energy audit, looking for ways to reduce your heating bill but increase your comfort. Ready to get started?

Then call National Chimney Cleaners at 203-614-9765 (Connecticut) or 973-270-9295 (New Jersey) to book your appointment, or contact us through our website here.


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