Save Money with a Fireplace Insert

Utility bills are through the roof, and if you have a traditional masonry fireplace, your valued heat is going right up the chimney. A quality fireplace insert will help lower your utility bills while preserving the heat generated by your fireplace.

National Chimney Cleaners of Fairfield County, CT, and Morris County, NJ, would like to share a little about the benefits you can enjoy with a new gas or wood fireplace insert.

Gas fireplace insert in Stamford CT

Natural Gas Insert Fireplace built with stone and wood

What is a fireplace insert?

Fireplace inserts are factory-made appliances designed to be inserted into the open fireboxes of masonry fireplaces. They can run on gas, wood or electricity. For styles that require venting, a dedicated pipe runs through the existing chimney.

How inserts can save you money

Because they operate on a closed-combustion system, fireplace inserts conserve the majority of the heat they produce. Some models boast heat-efficiency ratings of 80% and higher.

By contrast, masonry fireplaces are notorious for sending heat up the chimney. In fact, tests show that a typical open masonry fireplace only holds onto about 10% to 20% of its heat. The rest is lost forever.

When it comes to heating your room, a fireplace insert will significantly outperform any masonry fireplace.

Another problem with masonry fireplaces is draftiness. This includes while a fire is burning and after the fire is out. A fireplace insert’s closed system does a great job at preventing drafts and the exchange of conditioned home air with unconditioned outside air.

The visual appeal of modern fireplace inserts

Fireplace inserts available today come with gorgeous finishes, elegant designs and many special touches that make them the perfect accent to any home décor. Whether the appliance is in use or dormant, it adds sophistication and class to the home.

Which type of insert is best for you?


For the traditionalist, nothing beats a stack of roaring, blazing logs as a centerpiece for entertaining or relaxing. Wood inserts bring all the aromas, sights and sounds of a real wood fire that so many people love.


Gas fireplace inserts operate with a switch or remote, making starting and stopping fires quick and easy. They require very little maintenance and need only a natural gas or propane connection to get them going.

electric fireplace inserts in Chester NJ


For the ultimate in simplicity, go with a handsome electric insert. You’ll get consistent heat with no cleaning, no maintenance, no inspections required and no worry about flames if you have little kids and pets.

Selecting your perfect fireplace insert

National Chimney Cleaners will help you decide on the perfect fireplace insert model that will meet your heating needs and decorative requirements. We’ll then install it for you correctly and safely. All work is done by our own trained installation technicians, who know how to meet state and local codes for building and fire safety.

If it’s time to bring more beauty to your life and stop wasting money with an inefficient masonry fireplace, we’re ready to help. Speak with a fireplace expert today at (800) 631-6177 or get in touch with our contact form.


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