Why Now is the Best Time for All Your Chimney Repairs

Summer is here. It’s a time to relax, spend time with the family, go on vacation, and enjoy the warm weather. The last thing on your mind is chimney masonry repairs, but in this post, we’ll tell you why now is the best time to cross chimney inspections, repairs, and maintenance off your to-do list.

Chimney Inspections in Chester NJWhy Summer is the Best Time for Chimney Masonry Repairs

Better Weather Conditions

Summer provides the perfect weather conditions for masonry repairs, with warm temperatures, low humidity, and minimal precipitation. These conditions are ideal for faster drying and curing mortar and other materials for a more durable repair.

Easier Scheduling

Most people wait until the last minute for chimney cleaning and repairs, and chimney service companies are typically slow during spring and summer. During this slow period, you’re more likely to schedule an appointment when convenient. If you wait until fall or early winter, when companies are booked weeks out, getting service can be difficult.

Lower Prices

When business is slow, many chimney service companies offer coupons and discounts to give them a boost. Scheduling chimney cleaning, repairs, and inspections during the off-season allows you to take advantage of these savings.

Increased Safety

The last thing anyone wants is to get injured on the job. Summer’s longer daylight hours and warm temperatures provide the best working conditions for chimney professionals to work safely and avoid accidents that could lead to serious injuries.

Reduced Stress

It’s tough to think about winter when summer’s just started, but it will be here before you know it. Once the temperature dips, people naturally want to start a fire to keep them warm. If your chimney and fireplace aren’t ready, it can be stressful to make an appointment when chimney companies’ schedules are filling up. Checking this chore off your to-do list now means you don’t have to stress when you aim to build your first fire of the season.

Our Most Common Chimney Repairs

Harsh winter weather and usage take a toll on your chimney, so it’s normal to need minor repairs and maintenance. Here are the most common repairs we perform.


Tuckpointing or repointing is a process where we remove and replace damaged or deteriorating mortar joints to maintain your chimney’s structural integrity and keep it looking great.

Chimney Liner Repair

Chimney liners are typically made from clay or metal, which can suffer from cracks or corrosion. A damaged chimney liner makes your fireplace less efficient and puts you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or a chimney fire.

Chimney Cap Repair

The chimney cap covers the top, protecting it from debris, animals, and rainwater from getting into the flue, causing damage or blockages. Most caps are made from metal, which can corrode or get damaged in high winds or heavy storms.

Flashing Repair

Flashing is the metal material used to seal the gap between the chimney and the roof. Damaged or corroded flashing can allow water to seep in, causing damage and mold, and mildew growth.


One of the most popular chimney repairs is weatherproofing. After thorough cleaning and maintenance, we apply a weatherproof sealant to protect the chimney against the harmful effects of water, snow, and ice. Weatherproofing is a cost-effective way to keep your chimney in tip-top shape and extend its lifespan.

Crown Repair

Chimney crowns are typically made from concrete, which is susceptible to the same kind of damage (cracks and deterioration) as the brickwork.

Chimney Crown Repairs in Stamford CT

Cracks in the crown can allow water intrusion, damaging the chimney’s internal structure and causing a mold outbreak.

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