Can I Mount a Television Over the Fireplace?

As we try to use space in our homes more economically, the question often arises about mounting a television above a fireplace. Flat-screen TVs usually go on or near walls, and the wall space above a fireplace can seem like the ideal place to put the television.

National Chimney Cleaners of Fairfield County, CT, and Morris County, NJ, would like to share a little about why placing a television above a fireplace might not be a great idea.

Tv Mounting Saftey in Rockaway NJFirst, what kind of fireplace do you have?

Mounting a television above an electric fireplace shouldn’t lead to problems. Putting a TV above a wood or gas fireplace might. Wood and gas fireplaces create quite a bit of heat, and wood models often create smoke. Heat and smoke rise and can damage a television that’s sitting right in their path. One thing that might make this type of installation less problematic is the distance your fireplace mantel extends from the wall. The farther the distance, the more the heat will be redirected.A fireplace blower might also reduce the amount of rising heat by blowing it outward from the firebox and into the room.

Electronics and heat don’t mix

Sensitive electronic components in modern large-screen televisions can be damaged by heat and smoke. The screens on these units can also be damaged. In addition to the heat that rises from the fireplace, there’s also the heat in the flue just behind the wall to consider. Flat-screen TVs placed above fireplaces are often mounted right against the wall. This provides little or no ventilation and space between the televisions and the heat behind them.

Chimney fires are another consideration.

Many of these fires start and go out on their own, but not before significant heat is created inside the flue. Even with a wall and chimney materials between the fire and the television, this is a lot of heat for the electronics and other parts of the TV to withstand. (It’s important to note that homeowners aren’t always aware of small or moderate chimney fires.)

Beyond the safety issue

Going past possible damage to a TV mounted above a fireplace, this spot may not be ideal when it comes to enjoying your television. Rising heat can cause the picture to look wavy. Smoke, of course, can get in the way of what you’re looking at.
Finally, if you’re in the market for a new TV and prefer a very large one, you may not have enough room over the fireplace.


Fireplace Insert Installations in Parsippany / Troy Hills NJ

If you go ahead and buy one that will fit in the space, you could end up disappointed down the line. The best advice is to find a space away from the fireplace to place your television. Be creative and make whatever room is needed. Reserve the area on the mantel and the wall above the fireplace for items that are less likely to be damaged by regular fireplace use.

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