Upgrade Your Fireplace for More Heat

Traditional masonry fireplaces have always been considered more of an aesthetic enhancement than a source of heat. If you’re unhappy with the warmth coming out of your masonry fireplace, there are several great ways to increase the heat. National Chimney Cleaners of Morris County, NJ, and Fairfield County, CT, would like to share some inventive methods for upgrading your masonry fireplace and getting more warmth from it.

Fireplace Grate for Hotter fires in Chester NJFireplace grate

Several grate designs are available, each with the goal of causing fires to burn hotter and more efficiently. Stacking your wood on a grate will allow more air to reach the fire.


A fireback is typically made of cast iron and placed at the back of your firebox. These components absorb and reflect heat out into the room. A number of attractive design styles are available.

Heat exchanger

A quality heat exchanger will turn waste gases produced during a fire into heat, thus making more heat available for your room. Before adding a heat exchanger, you should have your chimney and fireplace inspected to make sure they can accommodate the extra heat.

Outside air inlets

A fire’s strength is partially dependent on how much air gets to the log stack. Outside air inlets can be installed to bring more air to the fire and help it burn more robustly – and hotter.

Fireplace doors

Along with not creating large amounts of heat when in use, masonry fireplaces are also known for allowing room heat to be lost and outside air to come in when the fireplace is dormant. Tight-sealing fireplace doors will help prevent this air exchange.

Top-mount damper

Another way to prevent the exchange of air between the home and the outside world is a top-mount fireplace damper. These devices sit atop your chimney and can be closed to stop downdrafts and heat loss. (They also work exceptionally well at keeping debris and small animals out of your chimney!)

Consider adding a fireplace insert

A gas or wood fireplace insert can be placed directly into the firebox of your existing masonry fireplace. Highly efficient and gorgeous to look at, inserts operate on a closed system that allows them to create and retain much more heat than any “standard” fireplace.

Fireplace inserts are designed to be genuine heat producers, typically retaining 70% or more of the heat they generate and making it available to the home. Masonry fireplaces, on the other hand, hold on to as little as 10% of their heat.

Fireplace Insert Installation in Stamford CTGetting the work done

Unless you’re skilled at performing these fireplace upgrades, it’s advisable to have the work done by experienced chimney and fireplace technicians. Not only will the upgrades be done safely and correctly, but the work will comply with any state or local codes that may apply in your area.

National Chimney Cleaners is here to help you upgrade your fireplace to get more heat and enjoyment from it. If you live within Morris County, New Jersey, or Fairfield County, Connecticut, give us a call at (800) 631-6177. You can also reach out through our handy contact form.


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