Full-Width Chimney Caps In Stamford CT

There are two types of covers you can have on your Stamford chimney. One is a basic cover that shields the flue opening. The other is a heavy-duty cover that protects not only the flue but also the entire top of the chimney.

custom chimney cap installation in Stamford CT

National Chimney Cleaners of Stamford, CT, would like to tell you a little about these two types of chimney covers and help you make the best decision when it’s time to add one to your chimney.

full width chimney cap install in Stamford CTOutside-mount, Full-width Chimney Caps

The very best protection you can have for the top of your chimney is a full-width chimney cap. Our crew installs a lot of these handsome components throughout the Stamford area – you may have seen them on some of our customers’ chimneys in your neighborhood.

Full-width caps provide multiple benefits

The custom full-width chimney caps we install for our Stamford customers bring you the same benefits as standard flue covers (see below) but also provide several other critically important advantages including:

  • Keep water from rain and snow out of the flue opening: Moisture inside a flue can lead to chimney liner damage.
  • Protect the concrete chimney crown: Only a proper chimney cap protects the chimney crown from water deterioration.
  • Channel water away from the chimney structure: The angled design of an outside-mount chimney cap causes water to run off it and away from the bricks and mortar of your chimney.
  • Prevent outside debris from getting into the flue: Leaves, twigs, and falling fruit from nearby trees can obstruct a chimney flue and cause smoke and deadly carbon monoxide to filter into your Stamford home.
  • Keep animals out: Squirrels, birds, rodents, raccoons, and other small animals enjoy making homes in chimneys. Their nests can lead to major drafting obstructions, as can their bodies when they die inside the flue.

Protect roof and yard from sparks and embers: A quality chimney cap will keep flying sparks and embers from landing on your roof and in your yard and causing damage or fire.

basic chimney flue cover install in Stamford CTBasic Flue Covers

Your basic flue cover is like a baseball cap on top of your chimney. It’s designed to cover the flue opening and nothing else. For keeping water out of the flue, these covers are good devices. But they don’t offer the comprehensive protection you’ll get from a full-width chimney cap.

Hire an Experienced Stamford Chimney Company

When it’s time to look into having a full-width chimney cap installed – or having any kind of chimney repair, cleaning, or maintenance work done – Stamford, CT, homeowners go with National Chimney Cleaners.


Our licensed, experienced crew places the highest priority on superior customer service and outstanding workmanship on every project large or small. It’s never in your best interests to allow novices or general “handymen” types to work on your chimney.

Trust the Stamford chimney experts for all your chimney needs from full-width chimney cap and chase cover installation, to chimney sweeping and inspections.

Get in touch today by calling (203) 614-9765 or reach out through our handy contact form. National Chimney Cleaners serves Stamford CT, and other Fairfield County communities including Greenwich CT, Darien CT, New Canaan CT, Wilton CT, Norwalk CT, and Westport CT.


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