Chimney Sweep In Stamford CT

Do you use your wood-burning fireplace regularly? Has it been more than a year since you scheduled chimney sweep services? If you answered yes to both questions, your Stamford chimney may be at risk in several ways.

Chimney cleaning in Stamford CT

National Chimney Cleaners serves the entire Stamford, CT, area with licensed chimney cleaning to help prevent two major problems:

  1. Creosote buildup and chimney fires
  2. Sluggish drafting and carbon monoxide backups caused by outside debris

chimney cleaning in Stamford CTStamford Chimney Safety: the Danger of Excess Creosote in Your Chimney Flue

When you burn wood in your fireplace, the smoke condenses in your chimney flue and forms a substance known as creosote. This is a highly flammable substance that can present as sticky, flakey, puffy, or solid and is responsible for most chimney fires in the U.S. each year.

Stamford homeowners have relied on National Chimney Cleaners for more than 20 years for chimney sweep services to safely remove built-up creosote from their chimneys and significantly reduce the chances of a chimney fire.

How We Clean Your Chimney

Our chimney sweep crews are well-trained in venting physics and chimney safety. We use a variety of specialized tools to dislodge and remove even the most stubborn creosote from all types of chimneys.

Our tools include:

  • Flat-wire & stainless steel chimney cleaning brushes
  • Cable deglazer whips
  • Chimney sweeping whips & rods
  • Chain whips
  • Hand scrubbers
  • Cleaning solvents
  • Commercial vacuums
  • Solving Debris-related Smoke Backups

When outside debris is allowed to enter your chimney, it can accumulate to the point where smoke no longer drafts efficiently up and out of the flue.

If you’re using your chimney without a chimney cap, it can become obstructed by:

  • Leaves & twigs from nearby trees
  • Small animals such as birds, squirrels, and rodents and their nesting materials
  • The bodies of animals who have died in the chimney

chimney cap install in Stamford CTCarbon Monoxide Poisoning at Your Stamford Home

Smoke backing up from your chimney into your home is no fun, but far worse is the carbon monoxide carried by smoke. Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless – and it’s known to cause serious health risks in people and pets when inhaled.

You can prevent all drafting issues caused by debris piling up inside your flue by having a top-mount chimney damper installed.

These devices function similarly to throat dampers (usually located just above the firebox), and they give the added benefit of being able to completely close when you’re not using your fireplace. This seals off the top of your chimney and keeps unwanted materials and intruders out.

How often should a Chimney Be Cleaned?

The general recommendation for a chimney sweep and chimney inspection is once a year. For Stamford residents who use their chimneys heavily during the winter months, we may suggest more frequent cleaning after we’ve looked at the flue and its level of creosote.

Contact Connecticut’s Chimney Sweep Experts

When it’s time for a professional chimney sweep, trust our crew to do the job safely and correctly. Reach a Stamford chimney expert today at (203) 614-9765 or use our handy contact form. National Chimney Cleaners serves Fairfield County, Connecticut, including Stamford CT, Greenwich CT, Darien CT, New Canaan CT, Wilton CT, Norwalk CT, and Westport CT.


Use an Experienced, Established Chimney Sweep Company!

Don’t take chances with uninsured, novice, roofers, unregistered business, no workman’s comp.
Our pros have to know what they’re doing when they put their heads up a chimney and to do that, chimney sweeps obtain specialized training and have years of experience in the field.