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Essential Chimney Inspections

If you’re a homeowner who uses a fireplace to heat your home, you know how important it is to keep it well-maintained with regular cleaning. But, you may not realize that chimney inspections are just as critical.

Somerset County NJ professional chimney inspectionRoutine chimney inspection from a trained professional ensures there’s no damage or obstructions that could impact your chimney’s performance or put your family in danger. Because your chimney is exposed to the weather 24/7 and extreme temperatures, wear and tear can lead to structural damage and venting issues. Annual chimney inspection allows you to catch these issues and repair them before they get out of hand.

And, while chimney inspection is recommended to ensure your chimney is in good working condition, it’s required in certain situations.

There are three levels of chimney inspection recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, and our certified technicians have the training to perform all three.

Level 1

A level 1 inspection is the basic and recommended for homeowners who plan to use their fireplace and chimney as they have in the past and have not made any changes to their fuel source or to the structure; this inspection ensures the chimney is safe.

Level 2

A level 2 inspection is required when you change your fireplace and/or chimney, such as replacing the flue liner or changing from burning wood to gas. This inspection is also required if you’re selling or transferring your property to ensure the system is safe.

Level 3

Finally, a level 3 inspection is required in the event your chimney suffered a fire, seismic event, or extreme weather that may have damaged the structure.

During a chimney inspection, our professional technicians will assess:

  • Chimney bricks and mortar and the chimney’s structural integrity
  • The chimney cap
  • The chimney crown
  • The flashing
  • Signs of water damage

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It’s essential to hire a professional to assess your chimney because they have the necessary training and experience to know what to look for. Pros can spot potential problems that could put your family at risk that an amateur handyman might miss.

Potential Chimney Problems

So, now that you know about chimney inspections, let’s look at what issues we can spot that might put your home and family at risk.

Spalling Bricks

When bricks become loose, they open gaps where water can get into the chimney, freeze, and expand, causing significant damage that’s expensive to repair.

Crumbling Mortar Joints

Moisture damage causes mortar joints to crack and crumble over time, which can weaken the chimney’s structure if you don’t deal with it in its early stages.

Damaged Chimney Cap

The chimney cap protects the flue from water leaks and falling debris. When the cap is damaged, it can lead to moisture damage and debris that blocks the flue, causing back puffing and carbon monoxide to flow back into your house.

Cracked Chimney Crown

The crown is another essential component that protects the flue and the bricks under the crown. Once cracks develop, it allows moisture to get in, freeze, and expand, cracking the bricks and destroying mortar joints.

Our technicians also inspect the chimney flue for signs of wear and obstructions that could impact your chimney’s drafting and fireplace efficiency.

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The main benefit of having annual chimney inspections is that it gives you peace of mind knowing that your chimney and fireplace are safe and ready to go when you light that first fire at the beginning of the season.

As mentioned, there’s a lot that can go wrong with your chimney, including foul weather, extreme temperatures, and moisture damage, so you can count on the certified professionals at National Chimney Service to keep you safe. We have over two decades of hands-on chimney repair, inspection, and chimney cleaning experience.

Don’t put your family and home at risk by hiring your local handyman or an amateur to conduct a chimney inspection; trust the trained pros at National Chimney Service.

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