Chimney Problems In Somerset County NJ

Most people consider a chimney to be a simple, sturdy structure, which it is, but that’s not to say things can’t go wrong that impact its performance or cause safety issues. At National Chimney Service, we encounter many chimney problems in homes throughout Bridgewater Township NJ, Somerville NJ, Bound Brook NJ, Hillsborough Township NJ, Bradley Gardens NJ, and areas in between that potentially put families at risk.

chimney leak in Somerset County NJ

Chimney Leaks

Leaks are one of the most common chimney problems we deal with, and that’s because the materials used in chimney construction are extremely porous, and absorb water easily. And, it doesn’t help that your chimney is exposed to the weather 24/7 either. Once water gets into the brick and mortar, it expands when it freezes, forming tiny cracks that grow over time. If this issue goes undetected or un-repaired, it can cause structural damage and performance issues.

Somerville NJ chimney repairWater damage also happens in chimneys that have a damaged or missing cap or damaged flashing. Not only does water absorption cause the masonry materials to crack, it creates condensation, which is a significant contributor to creosote buildup.

Experts recommend scheduling a chimney inspection every year to detect minor issues like water leaks and repair them before they become costly repairs or safety issues.

Masonry Damage

Another common chimney issue we see throughout Somerset County is masonry damage. Because your chimney is exposed to the weather 24/7, it’s prone to wear and tear from wind, snow, ice, lightning strikes, and earth movement that can weaken the structural integrity, causing chimney leaning and other problems like spalling brickwork and mortar damage.

Besides putting the structural integrity at risk, masonry damage opens your chimney up to further water leaks, which only compound the problem. During a routine chimney inspection, our experts will perform a thorough visual assessment of your chimney and note signs of damage that needs to be repaired. We offer a variety of services to fix common chimney problems, such as tuckpointing, waterproofing, and partial or complete chimney rebuilding to keep your chimney safe and efficient.

Poor Drafting

Every chimney flue is designed to draft the fireplace properly it’s connected. However, it’s common for flues to narrow due to creosote buildup or become obstructed by bird or rodent nests, twigs, and other debris. When flue blockage occurs, it impedes proper drafting, which puts your family at risk of back puffing, carbon monoxide poisoning, and makes it difficult to start a fire and keep it going.

chimney fire in Somerset County NJChimney Fire

When people think of chimney fires, they think of a blaze that requires the fire department to put out. However, most chimney fires go unnoticed. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, most chimney fires result from a dirty or blocked chimney and creosote buildup is the primary culprit. They go on to say,
Naturally, creosote is corrosive and can damage the flue liner over time, but the real concern is its high flammability. Because creosote is formed from unburned wood particles, all forms of creosote are highly combustible. If the temperature in the flue is right, the creosote inside could ignite and cause a chimney fire.

As mentioned, it’s possible to have a chimney fire and not know about it, which is why it’s crucial you perform annual chimney inspections AND chimney cleaning to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Our chimney experts have the tools, training, and years of hands-on experience to safely remove creosote accumulation to keep your chimney and fireplace venting properly and protect you from a catastrophic fire.

Damaged Chimney Components

Finally, chimney components like the flashing, cap, and crown can also suffer damage because of their exposure to the weather, like cracks or corrosion. Depending on how bad the deterioration is, we can make repairs, replace, or rebuild the part.

chimney crown repair in Branchburg NJTrusted Chimney Repair Professionals in Somerset County NJ

If your chimney is dirty or damaged, you might be tempted to try to fix it yourself or hire a handyman. However, DIY chimney repair is often ineffective and can be dangerous in some situations, which is why it’s in your best interest to hire trained professionals.

Our chimney experts are certified, insured, and highly trained to perform safe, effective chimney cleaning, inspection, and repairs. We’ve proudly served residents in Watchung NJ, Warren NJ, Bernardsville NJ, Bedminster NJ, Branchburg NJ, Franklin Township NJ, and the surrounding townships for over 20 years.

Don’t take chances with your safety!

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