Chimney Liner Repair In Fairfield County CT

National Chimney Service offers expert chimney and furnace flue repairs and liner installation throughout Fairfield County CT, including the communities of Stamford CT, Norwalk CT, Fairfield CT, Greenwich CT, and Bridgeport CT.

chimney liner replacement in Fairfield County CT

The liners inside chimney and furnace flues are there to protect the system, adjacent materials and your home and family. Believe it or not, until the early 1900s, few chimneys were built with protective liners. Today, we know that furnace flue liners and chimney liners perform very important jobs.

Fairfield County CT Furnace FlueChimney & Furnace Flue Inspections

We always recommend that our Fairfield County customers schedule annual inspections for their chimneys and furnaces. Inspections are especially important to have done if you’ve recently moved into your new home.

Our experienced chimney and venting inspectors will look closely at your liner, checking for signs of damage and debris buildup that could hinder the smooth drafting of smoke, gases and toxins.

For all types of liner systems, our inspections include video imaging technology. This allows us to examine otherwise hidden areas within your flue and detect the earliest signs of trouble.

Damage to Chimney & Furnace Flues

Heat, moisture-buildup and time-in-service all can affect a chimney flue liner over time. If the liner surface cracks or breaks, dangerous combustion gases – whether it’s a gas furnace or a wood-burning fireplace – could seep into the living areas of your Fairfield County home.

Among the most dangerous of these gases is carbon monoxide. This gas is invisible and odorless, but it is known to be potentially fatal to people and animals when inhaled. Working CO monitors near the appliance are a good start, but nothing replaces annual safety inspections.

Debris Buildup inside Liners

Chimney liners & furnace flue liners are prone to housing debris. Gas furnaces don’t create creosote like wood fireplaces do, but they can have particulate buildups that can hamper the smooth drafting of the appliance if they are not addressed with cleanings or replacement.

Chimney liners that draft wood-burning fireplaces and inserts are notorious for collecting large amounts of flammable creosote, which is produced by the condensation of smoke during a fire. Most chimney fires are caused by creosote igniting, so creosote removal during chimney cleanings is important.

If your Fairfield County chimney and/or furnace flue isn’t protected on the outdoors side, debris can move into the system. Leaves, twigs and small animals are of primary concern. In chimneys, these animals often build nests, which add to the debris problem.

Chimney Liner Install in Dover NJChimney & Furnace Liner Repair, Installation & Cleaning

National Chimney Service provides complete repairs on all types of chimney liners and furnace flue liners. We’ve served Fairfield County residents for more than 20 years with the right solutions for their home-heating appliance vent systems.

Minor damage to liners often can be repaired. More severe damage usually calls for the complete replacement of the liner.

Our new liners are built from 316 UL Listed stainless steel, which will give you many years of reliable, safe service before needing a replacement.


When your liner system is full of debris, our trained chimney sweeps have the tools and experience to safely remove the clutter and allow your liner to once again efficiently send smoke and combustion gases out of your home.

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