Chimney Problems In Fairfield County CT

National Chimney Service is here to help you solve the chimney problems that are keeping your chimney running poorly. We work throughout Fairfield County including Stamford CT, Norwalk CT, Fairfield CT, Greenwich CT, Bridgeport CT, and all other local communities, providing expert chimney inspection and repair services.

Fairfield County CT chimney damaged

A working chimney brings enjoyment and many benefits during the cold winters we have here in Fairfield County, Connecticut. A damaged or malfunctioning chimney, on the other hand, can cause quite a bit of disruption and possibly put a home and its family at risk.

Fairfield County CT chimney crown repairHere are five common chimney problems and how we’ll solve them for you.

Leaky chimney

Chimney leaks could originate in the masonry, in the chimney crown, through the roof flashing and in other places. Leaky chimneys can be tricky because you don’t always immediately know when or where the leak starts.

  • If ignored: Major damage to the chimney structure and adjacent home building materials.
  • How we fix: First we pinpoint the cause of the chimney leak. A resolution might include brick and mortar repair, chimney crown rebuilding, flashing replacement and other services.

Masonry damage

The bricks and mortar of your Fairfield County chimney can be damaged by events such as lightning, hail, strong winds, extreme temperatures and water leaks as well as because of old age.

  • If ignored: A chimney’s masonry will deteriorate further if not repaired. This can lead to a leaning or collapsed chimney.
  • How we fix: We can replace damaged bricks and perform tuckpointing, a process that removes deteriorated mortar and adds fresh new mortar in its place. Minor damage can be addressed through chimney waterproofing, which we regularly perform throughout Fairfield County.

Smoke backing up into the house

This indicates a drafting problem. It could be because of debris and excess creosote blocking the flue. Downdrafts could be caused by having no chimney cap to prevent rushes of air. Also, a too-air-tight house will lead to sluggish drafting.

  • If ignored: Starting fires and keeping them going can be problematic. Most importantly, smoke in the house contains deadly carbon monoxide, which you don’t want to be anywhere near.
  • How we fix it: We can clean debris and creosote from your chimney flue. If there’s no chimney cap, we can install one. We’ll also do a complete chimney inspection to see if other causes of drafting problems are at play. If your home is too air-tight, you can crack a nearby window.

Chimney fires

Your Fairfield County chimney can have smaller fires you don’t know about. Every chimney fire, no matter its size, can cause damage to your chimney liner, interior masonry and home building materials adjacent to your chimney.

  • If ignored: Chimney fires can lead to major chimney and home damage, as noted, and also send carbon monoxide and other harmful gases into your home.
  • How we fix it: The best way to significantly reduce the likelihood of a chimney fire is to have our crew perform annual chimney sweeping. If previous fires have caused damage, we can repair it.

fairfield ct chimney repairDamaged chimney components

Component damage we see most often at our customers’ homes involves chimney caps, chimney crowns, chimney liners and chimney flashing. Compromises in these areas need to be resolved quickly to avoid further damage.

  • If ignored: Damaged caps, crowns and flashing can lead to water intrusion into the chimney system or your home. Damaged chimney caps can allow not only water but also small animals to enter your flue. A damaged chimney liner can lead to a major fire and structural damage to the chimney or home.
  • How we fix: We provide complete repair and, when necessary, replacement of all the above-named chimney components, as well.


Don’t let chimney problems disrupt your peace of mind. National Chimney Service works year-round to bring you the solutions you need. Speak with a Fairfield County chimney expert today at (203) 614-9765.


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