Chimney Liner Repair In Morris County NJ

The flue liner in your chimney and furnace is a critical component that helps keep the fireplace and furnace working safely and efficiently. National Chimney Service provides chimney and furnace flue service throughout Morris County, New Jersey, including the communities of Morristown NJ, Chester NJ, Dover NJ, Rockaway NJ, and Jefferson NJ.

chimney flue liner repair in Morris County NJ

Chimney & Furnace Flue Inspections

The purpose of a flue/venting system is to channel smoke and/or toxic gases away from the appliance and out of the home. If it’s been more than a year since your chimney flue or furnace flue was inspected, now is a good time to bring out one of our trained chimney technicians to have a look.

Chimney Liner Repair Flue chester nj

Our chimney professionals are able to spot a variety of issues for our Morris County customers including damaged flue liners, drafting blockages, dangerous creosote buildups and more.

We’ll also check to ensure that your chimney or furnace flue has been properly connected to the appliance it vents.

Damage to Chimney & Furnace Flues

Over the years, heat, moisture and repeated use can negatively affect flue liners. When a chimney or furnace flue liner breaks, cracks or splits, some pretty serious problems may be on the way.

Compromised liners allow smoke and toxic gases to escape and move into living spaces in your home. Among the biggest concerns is carbon monoxide, which is produced when wood and gas fuels burn. Invisible and odorless, carbon monoxide is known to be potentially fatal when inhaled by people and pets.

The best way to prevent a carbon monoxide tragedy is with regular flue liner inspections and repairs along with working CO monitors in your home.

Debris Buildup inside Liners

Most Morris County homeowners know that chimney flues collect flammable creosote, which can impede drafting and cause a chimney fire. What they don’t know is that furnace flues also collect draft-hindering debris in the form of particulate matter, and are at risk as well.

Flues are sized specifically to draft the appliances to which they’re connected. Any narrowing of the air passage and drafting will be less efficient. This is another way that smoke and harmful gases can enter your home.

Chimneys and furnaces whose vent systems aren’t protected on the outside can see the intrusion of leaves, twigs and small animals, all of which block the flow of air. We recommend that all our Morris County customers schedule an annual chimney sweeping/flue cleaning to keep their venting clean and open.

Chimney Liner Replacement Dover njMorris County Chimney & Furnace Liner Repair & Installation

National Chimney Service has worked in Morris County communities for 20+ years, providing chimney &furnace flue repair and installation services.

After a thorough inspection, we’ll be able to pinpoint the cause of any flue problems and explain to you how we suggest they be solved. Our trained technicians are venting experts, skilled in repairing both chimney liners and flue liners.

With severe damage, we can install a new flue liner made from powerful 316 UL Listed stainless steel, which is the material-of-choice for hardworking chimneys &  fireplaces in Morris County and all of NJ.

Hire Us for all Your Flue Needs

If you’re having issues with your furnace or chimney flue system, call the professionals at National Chimney Service. We solve problems year-round to keep your chimney and furnace operating safely and correctly. Call us today at (973) 270-9295.


Use an Experienced, Established Chimney Sweep Company!

Don’t take chances with uninsured, novice, roofers, unregistered business, no workman’s comp.
Our pros have to know what they’re doing when they put their heads up a chimney and to do that, chimney sweeps obtain specialized training and have years of experience in the field.