Chimney Repair In Morris County NJ

National Chimney Service provides Morris County homeowners with expert chimney repair for all parts of their chimney systems. We’re licensed and fully insured, bringing more than 20 years’ hands-on experience to every job. Here’s how we can help you.

leaky chimney repair in Morris County NJ

Morris County Chimney Damage

We see our share of damaged chimneys throughout Dover NJ, Chester NJ, Morristown NJ, Rockaway NJ, Jefferson NJ, and other communities Morris County. Common problems we address and fix:

livingston nj Damaged Chimney Repair

Leaky chimneys

Even small chimney leaks can turn into widespread problems as water moves into the system and deteriorates bricks, chimney liners and more. We fix all types of chimney leaks.

Damaged chimney liners

Chimney liners made of stainless steel, clay tiles or poured-in-place compounds all can show signs of damage after years of use. A compromised liner can lead to damage within your chimney’s interior masonry as well as adjacent building materials of your home. Additionally, toxic gases including dangerous carbon monoxide can leak into your house through breaks in the chimney liner, which can lead to sickness or even be fatal. We repair and install quality stainless steel chimney liners.

Damaged masonry

Your chimney is only as strong as its bricks and mortar. When masonry is compromised, it sets the stage for water leaks and structural imbalance, which can lead to a collapsed chimney down the line. We provide brick replacement, tuckpointing for crumbling mortar and other masonry repair services including chimney waterproofing.

Venting issues

If your Morris County fireplace can’t effectively send smoke up into the flue, then smoke and harmful toxins can back up into your home. Flue blockages (debris or built-up creosote) often are responsible. We will solve this problem.

Damage to chimney caps and crowns

Chimney caps prevent water, debris and small animals from entering your flue. If your cap is severely damaged – or if you don’t have one – big trouble could be on the way. Chimney crowns are concrete structures that cover the top of your chimney minus the flue openings. They protect the interior flue and bricks below. We repair and replace both chimney caps and chimney crowns.

Warped or rusted chimney flashing

The flashing that seals the gap between your roof and exterior chimney is there to keep rain and snow from running down into your home and damaging building materials and chimney masonry. We can repair damaged flashing, but usually a complete replacement is the best option.

Chimney Repairs in Dover njMorris County NJ Chimney Inspections

All chimney repairs start with a thorough chimney inspection. You may be able to detect problems in how your chimney system looks and operates, but only an inspection by a trained chimney technician will be able to tell you exactly why the problem started, how extensive the damage is and how to repair it the right way.

We inspect a lot of chimneys in and around Morris County, and we know these systems inside and out. We’ll provide you with a complete report of our findings and our recommendations for any repair work that might be necessary. Our technicians can do all chimney repair work.


Get on the Road to a Great Chimney

If your Morris County chimney needs attention, call the expert chimney repair crew at National Chimney Service. We’re here to keep your chimney working right and operating safely all year long.

Reach a chimney service professional today at (973) 270-9295 in Morris, New Jersey to complete your chimney repairs!



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Don’t take chances with uninsured, novice, roofers, unregistered business, no workman’s comp.
Our pros have to know what they’re doing when they put their heads up a chimney and to do that, chimney sweeps obtain specialized training and have years of experience in the field.