Chimney Problems In Morris County NJ

Chimneys seem like fairly simple structures, but a variety of things can go wrong, leading to safety issues and malfunction. National Chimney Services sees quite a few chimney problems in Morristown NJ, Chester NJ, Dover NJ, Rockaway NJ, Jefferson NJ, and other Morris County communities, and we know how to fix every one of them.

chimney damaged in Morris County NJ

Leaky chimney

Any time water moves into a chimney system, we call it a leak. Leaks can be caused by damaged masonry or compromises in components such as the chimney flashing or chimney cap.

rockaway nj Leaky Chimney

Left unattended, water from rain and snow will eventually deteriorate a chimney’s bricks and mortar and cause major internal damage including rotting and decay of home building materials.

When we repair chimney leaks for our Morris County customers, we start with a thorough chimney inspection to pinpoint the cause, location and extent of the leak. We can then get to work solving the problem in order to fix it.

Damaged Masonry

Damaged bricks and mortar can open the path for chimney leaks as well as set the stage for structural imbalance and possibly a chimney that collapses.

Masonry can be affected by lightning strikes, hail storms, earthquakes, old age and inferior-quality materials used when building the chimney.

The National Chimney Service crew provides brick repair, tuckpointing chimney rebuilding and chimney waterproofing throughout Morris County to keep chimneys safe, efficient and looking good.

Sluggish drafting

Chimney flues are sized specifically to draft the fireplaces they’re connected to. When flues are narrowed by accumulated creosote and/or outside debris such as twigs, leaves and small-animal nests, drafting will be hindered. (A custom full-width chimney cap will keep all debris out of your flue.)

There are other possible causes of sluggish drafting including a home that’s too air-tight and over-filling the firebox. But no matter the cause, when smoke backs up into your home, it carries with it dangerous carbon monoxide, which can be fatal to humans and pets.

We’ll inspect your chimney and do the correct work to restore smooth drafting.

Chimney fires

Most chimney fires throughout Morris County NJ and other New Jersey communities are caused by flammable creosote, which builds up in chimneys every time a wood fireplace is used.

Burning dry wood as opposed to damp, unseasoned logs can help reduce creosote levels as dry wood creates less smoke. Other than good burning practices, the best way to solve creosote issues is with professional chimney sweeping.

Our chimney sweeps have the tools and training to safely remove sticky, flakey, puffy or solid creosote accumulations from your chimney. We recommend chimney cleaning once a year.

 jefferson nj damaged ChimneyDamaged chimney components

When chimney caps, crowns, flashing, liners and other components are damaged, water intrusion and structural instability often follow.

In some cases, we can make repairs to damaged components. In other cases, the best move will be to replace the component, as when installing a new chimney liner or chimney cap.

Concrete chimney crowns can be completely rebuilt. Chimney flashing that’s warped and severely rusted usually needs to be replaced. We’ll inspect your damaged component(s) and do what’s necessary to restore safety and functionality.



Hire the Experts for Work on Your Morris County NJ Chimney

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